Something New

Musicians and Music Lovers: Commission me to paint your favourite piece of music in the colours, format and size to suit your wall and the way you feel about this music. At present the price will be $1000 – $2000 depending on size  and intricacy. We will need to have a detailed briefing session first of course.

My first spiritual teacher told me to “Dedicate your art to the beauty of Soul”. It took me about 5 years of soul searching and discussions with an inspired friend to realise that this means to interpret the expression of spiritual beauty and inspiration that becomes apparent around me, (rather than painting physical “objects”), as music is inspired by Soul.

Music comes, like all inspiration, from outside of our physical selves.

These new paintings are inspired by music. Graphic symbols representing the different types of sounds in the piece are painted corresponding to the passages within the piece, then I blend in the bridging transitions as a composer does. At the moment they “read” left to right in lines …like a music score. I’m loving this new inspiration and I hope you do too.

I am about to paint more in this style.