Feel The Music

Medium: Oil on varnished marine ply

Size: 1400 x 800 cms

Original is not for sale however prints are available up to full size. Sizes and prices available on request.

I was told by my first spiritual teacher, a few hours before she passed on, to  “Dedicate your art to the beauty of Soul”. It took me a few years of soul searching and a discussion with an inspired friend to realise that this means not to paint physical objects but instead to interpret and resolve things into thoughts symbols of what their deeper meaning is to me.  In this case, it was a piece of music. I designed graphic symbols to represent the different types of sounds in the piece then composed them as a composer works out the transitions of different parts of a piece of music. This one reads left to right in 5 lines …like a music score. I love it and I hope you do too.



Available for Sale