Feel The Music


Medium: Oil on varnished marine ply

Size: 1400 x 800 cms

Original is now for sale and a limited number of prints will be available up to full size.

PRINTS  are available and are Giclee printed on Bauhaus Matte 230 gsm paper, using archival inks.

I often prefer to interpret and resolve physical things into thoughts and symbols of what their deeper meaning is to me.  In this case, it was a piece of music. I designed graphic symbols to represent the different types of sounds, the emotion, and atmosphere of the piece,  then composed them in the format as a composer creates sounds and works out the transitions between different parts of the music. This one reads left to right in 5 lines, top to bottom…like a music score. I love to look at this painting as I listen to the music and I hope you will too. The music is designed to be an image of a track by Boz Scaggs called “Can I Make It Last (or Will It Just Be Over”) from the Album called Moments



Available for Sale