Artist Statement

My entire working life after art school has been in many avenues of the “art business”.

I have worked as a lead lighter and lead light teacher, wood carver of boat name plates, sign writer, advertising/graphic artist, wedding photographer, picture framer, photo retoucher, art teacher, Australian award winning face painter and body artist, and of course…artist/painter!

Ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil, art has been my consuming passion and I wanted only to “be an artist”.

I see inspiration everywhere and try to delineate the idea of multitudinous facets of nature working together in harmony without man’s intervention.

Diane WilliamsonFor me, art is about Love and about looking beyond the outward physical sense of things …to see the spiritual qualities that these things represent in order to see added meaning, as material life without spiritual depth is meaningless to me. Our mental environment affects our physical environment so it’s essential to look beyond the outward physical sense of things towards ideas instead.

I know a Vietnamese monk who was a famous sculptor and when I asked him why he thought artists have an intense need to create, he replied,

”Because the bee must make honey”!

I love that statement! I actively find what is special and beautiful in all things and share that with you…and because “the bee must make honey!”

I aim to uplift and alert my own and the public consciousness to a higher level of recognition of the good and the beautiful, the uncontaminated and pure in the world.

Diane Williamson

“If artists don’t bring the beauty and harmony of the world to our attention, who will?”


  • 17 years experience as a graphic artist in corporate advertising.
  • Photo retoucher and airbrush artist specialising in archival and antique images 23 years . (1981-2001) One of only three in Victoria.
  • Wedding photography – 8 years.
  • Leadlight artist and designer – 10 years.
  • Professional Picture Framer – 27 years.
  • Face and Body Artist since 2005 (

Community Involvement

  • Face Painting at community festivals and private functions.
  • Committee member of The Highway Gallery.
  • Teacher adult art classes at Waverley Learning Centre, Kerry Road, Community House and Amaroo House.
  • Committee member Highway Gallery and Oak Hill Gallery.

Diane is also an award winning Face and Body Artist. Visit the Face Painting Lady website.