Radiating Harmony


Acrylic on Marine Ply

Framed in beech Float-Frame

Size:  120cms  X  120cms

The original is now sold however a very limited number of prints will be sold Prints available. Please Enquire 0416 126 962


This painting has so many sources of inspiration it’s been hard choosing its title. It is a visualisation of my understanding of universal Truth, unchanged despite human error; I see it as a representation (be it ever so limited) of that which exists beyond ourselves, from the infinitesimal to the Infinite.

As I painted this, I listened to “Music of the Spheres” and together with my interest in astronomy and the Science of unlimited time and space now being proved by Quantum Physicists, I had a focus for this painting.

The painting appeared, as a complete concept in my thoughts some months earlier as a result of my study of metaphysics.